A Quiz about Agie Charmilles

A Quiz about Agie Charmilles

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to “a talk a week” from TAGUTI. We have talked much about Agie Charmilles last Mondays, today let us make a quiz to summary, OK?


Listen to me carefully,


1. When did GF Agie Charmilles start?

It means that the history of it, do you know?


2. What is the relationship between TAGUTI and Charmilles?

I have talked about the link between them a few weeks ago, remeber?


3. What does our company can supply for Agie Charmilles Machines?

Haha, the answer is in the last and last talk, TAGUTI can manufacture Diamond Guide, Power Feed Contact, Water Nozzle, Roller& Parts and EDM filters, then Just tell me what kinds of filters we can supply to our partners and clients?


4. Do you want to say anything to TAGUTI?

Just say out your opinions, we want to make the best service for you. You can visit our website, or just check TAGUTI by google, then you will find a lot about us. Then you gotta information from all sides. Any comments are welcomed.


5. Contact us if you know the answers via email:sales@filter-supplier.com. I am Amy, your old friend. You will get a surprise then.



Thanks for listening, have a nice day, see you next Monday! Ciao~

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