A vist to a client (TAGUTI wire EDM filters a talk a week)

A vist to a client (TAGUTI wire EDM filters a talk a week)


Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to your favorite show “a talk a week” from TAGUTI Co., Ltd. I am the host, and your best friend, Amy. How was your last week? OK, I am back in full blood resurrection this week.

This week, we spent a day in a factory of our client, just look at the picture below, where is just a part factory. In my eyes, the factory is big enough, the room is about wire cut EDM machines, so many machines, but I just introduce a brand called Sodick.

Sodick EDM machine filter

OK, go on with our topic. Look at the picturers as followed, Yeah, it is a machine SODICK AQ600LS,you can see the full photo of it, and it is working now, you can see the brass wire in the machine, now it is very direct to see it. It is from our factory, pals! We can supply Sodick wire edm parts for you, no matter where you are, if you can trust us, you can buy Sodick wire edm parts for your SODICK machines.



SODICK AQ600LS EDM filters SODICK AQ600LS EDM filter2

(It is working now, look at that red point, so quiet~)

Now, in my words, I show you about its operating principle. When you insert the brass wire, and the work fluid and the work pieces is ready, then turn on, you will see a red point, but the water is so quiet, you can’t feel that it is working, but it does. Then you can see that the brass wire is moving via guide pulley you can see that wire guide, power feed contact, water nozzle and flowmeter on the surface of the machine. The resin bottle is at back of it, two Sodick wire edm filters is in the machine, you can see whether it is out of work or not via a dial plate, the work fluid is recycling from the Sodick wire edm filters ( Mann hummel edm filters is H341070/20; Electrode Inc. Filter is EL-115-5/EL115-XLDP5 Extended Life Filter; TAGUTI is YT-19 as a picture):



and the metallics with diameter less 5 micrometer is filtered by resin. The filtered work fluid is flowing into the work place, then a period is just over. They Turn and Turn around, when a part or filters reach the maximum time, you have to change a new one from our company, then just start again.

So next time if your Sodick machines need Sodick wire edm parts, just choose from TAGUTI, your first choise.

In the end, it is time to say goodbye again. Thanks for your listening, my friends, see you next week. Bye~

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