Analysis of EDM molybdenum wire’s specifications

Hi, here is TAGUTI news. High powered EDM molybdenum wire should be a combination of different kinds of specifications. Then what exactly are these specifications? Under the conditions of high temperature and heavy loads, the coating has extremely high interlaminar strength. Because molybdenum has good wear resistance, this problem has been solved, so that it is a indispensable material in metal hot spraying technology, especially widely used in surface hot spraying of auto parts like piston ring, simultaneous observation loop, gearbox, etc. Spray coating molybdenum wire is also used by surfacing process for repairing wearing machine parts like bearing, bearing bush, bent axle, etc. Besides, spray coating molybdenum wire can be also applied as intergradient coating.

taguti molybdenum wire supplier

taguti molybdenum wire supplier

In modern times, molybdenum wire should meet stringent requirements according to wire cut power supply. It is essential for electrode wire to stand a powerful cutting electric current, that peak value exceeds 700 amperes, or average value exceeds 45 amperes. In the meantime, its energy transfer has to be very effective. So that high-frequency pulse current can be supplied to reach surface finishment up to 0.2Ra. It depends on electrode wires’ resistance and conductivity. Copper is one of the materials that own highest specific conductance, so it is regarded as reference point. The standard conductivity of copper is 100%(IACS), but conductivity of brass is only 20%.

In the early time of wire cut technology evolution(1969-the mid 1970s), there is hardly any research on electrode wire, ready-made copper wires on electrical machine and cable have been used all along. Then in nowadays, wire cut machine has advantage of high efficiency and high precision, electrode wire should have geometrical features almost without errors. The final working procedure of electrode wire processing is to get smooth, good roundness, wire diameter’s allowance +/-0.001mm finished product by using multiple diamond wire-drawing die. On the other hand, some electrode wire is specially designed to relatively rough surface, so that cutting speed could be increased.

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