0.18mm Molybdenum Wire suppliers in China

  TAGUTI Molybdenum Wire TAGUTI Molybdenum Wire is Chinese time-honored brand. Molybdenum Cutting Wire is used specially in high speed wire cut edm machine, which is invented and applied mostly in China. Almost all high speed wire cut edm machines abroad are imported from China. And only in China and Russia you can find molybdenum ore. But you can only find in China molybdenum wires especially used for wire edm
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EDM filters cartridge clean

Typically filters trap oils and greases so you need a detergent to break those down and remove them. Good EDM filters are designed to trap particles. As they load up the pressure drives the particles deeper and deeper into the weave. You might need compressed air to blow them out. Most older edm’s using paper EDM filters cartridge ran from the outside-in and you could hose them off and sling ’em a bit and
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Molybdenum Wire Breaking Analysis in Wire Cut Machines

Molybdenum Wire Breaking Introduction In the practice of wire cutting, used metal wires often take place breaking. When operators process the workpieces, molybdenum wire breaking happens. Then in many cases, they can’t find the cause why wires always break in wire cut machines. So the the processing is delayed and wire cutting precision is greatly reduced in some ways. In this paper, take the molybdenum wire as an ex
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Molybdenum Wire Analysis And Measurement For Breakage In High Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine Part Three

1.4 Related to wire device and working fluid (1) When the molybdenum wire breakage is related to the wire device, the root cause is the decline of the molybdenum wire device precision. Especially when the different wire guide wheels are worn out, the jitter of molybdenum wire will increase, which would destroy the normal spark discharge gap of wire cut edm machine and be easy to make large current discharge in concen
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The Analysis and Measurement for Wire Breakage in High Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine Part TWO

The Analysis and Measurement for Wire Breakage in High Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine Part TWO (2)The wire breakage of thick workpiece during wire cutting. By thick workpiece, we generally mean the thickness of workpiece is more than 100mm. The wire breakage of thick workpiece wire cutting may occur when the wire cut machine generates sparks or during the wire cutting process or when the edm parts are finished. The main
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The Analysis and Measurement for Wire Breakage in High Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine Part ONE

The wire breakage has always been a problem that exists in the process of high speed wire cutting machine. The EDM wire breakage makes all wire cut process pause and has to start from the scratch, wastes a lot of time, destroys the integrity of machining surface and increases the difficulity level of unmanned processing. This article is aimed at analysing the wire breakage situation such as molybdenum wire and edm br
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Current Status and Development of Electrical Discharge Machining TechnologyWire cut EDM

Since 1956, the former Soviet Union produced the first EDM wire cutting machine. It has been a long history more than 40 years. During this period, both domestic and foreign EDM machines have undergone tremendous changes. For example, WEDM industry changed from the initial “mould-electric wire cut machines, to photoelectric wire cut machines, and to CNC wire cut machines and a series of processing Technology, process
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TAGUTI molybdenum wire application – Discipline on electrical discharge wire cutting (2)

  TAGUTI molybdenum wire application – Discipline on electrical discharge wire cutting (2) >This time we continue talking about the last topic “Discipline on electrical discharge wire cutting”, we talked about working solution, but not the end. Let’s discuss injection modes and directions. They have big effect on machining precision. First, let’s look at the injection modes: immersion, injected and immersi
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molybdenum wire application, discipline on electrical discharge wire cutting

Hello friends! How are you? I am Amy from TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd in Suzhou. So happy to see you! Welcome to “One month, one talk”. This month the topic is “Discipline on electrical discharge wire cutting” Ok, let’s begin. About the main tech indexes: 1/ The wire cut speed, The speed is guaranteed some roughness on the surface in the wire cut process, in the unit time, the total area that the middle wire in the wire cuts
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Molybdenum Wire Holding Skill and Safe Operation Rules of Wire Cut EDM Machining

Hi, here is TAGUTI news. molybdenum wire holding is the first important stage of wire cut EDM machining. There are several tips of molybdenum wire holding skill below. * It is necessary to keep a certain tension by holding the molybdenum wire wheel in hand during the process of molybdenum wire holding. If not, it might cause sleave of molybdenum wire cylinder, or might cause molybdenum wire rolling out of guide wheel
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