Charmilles Wire EDM Machines filters for sale in CIMT2015

Charmilles Wire EDM Machines filters for sale in CIMT2015

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to “ A Talk A Week” from TAGUTI Co., Ltd in China. Please give some applause to your favorite host, Amy. (Papapa~) Hope we can help you in the EDM industry. Your satisfaction is our honor. Welcome!

Good news! TAGUTI will attend “The 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2015)” from April 20th-25th,2015 China International Exhibition Centre (New Venue), Beijing. CIMT2015 is sponsored by China Machine Tool & Builder’s Association (CMTBA) Organizers: China Machine Tool& Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA) /China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC).

Our Booth Number is W4—392. Please visit our booth, we will be very happy to see you there. You can find Charmilles Wire EDM Machines filters for sale and Agie Charmilles wire edm machines parts from our booth.

We are busy preparing for the exhibition, and many Charmilles Wire EDM Machines filters and Agie Charmilles wire edm machines parts for Agie Charmilles wire EDM. We have talked much about the kind machines for many times, I think you have deep impression on that. Thank you.

We will go to Beijing in advance, you know many things to do around the show. We have to do our best service for you when you visit our booth. So excited to see our partners and friends, I am afraid if I will be sleepless these days. Haha~ We can go sightseeing together. In our Chinese now popular words “Appointment?” Haha, just kidding. Anyway, if you also attend the CIMT2015, don’t miss our booth, you will find a surprise!

Our recommend now is our AGIE Charmilles wire EDM, including harmilles Wire EDM Machines filters and Agie Charmilles wire edm machines parts. You also can find it one of our series in our booth in Beijing.

I am also very busy recently, because many many things to do ,I think I have to work overtime even I am at home. I can accept that, because I will see you, it it worth. So don’t disappoint me. not to leave without seeing each other in Beijing.

OK, today, just a notice about the CIMT2015, come on, let’s bargain face-to-face. You will realize : Wow~ TAGUTI is very very good, look at the filters, wow~ Why didn’t I buy from it before?

OK, friends, time up. But don’t forget your friend Amy and “ A Talk A Week”. See you in Beijing this week and next week. Bye~

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