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Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to “ A Talk A Week” from TAGUTI Co., Ltd in China. Please give some applause to your favorite host, Amy. (Papapa~) Hope we can help you in the EDM industry. You can choose EDM machines filters or even EDM filter replacement cartridges.Your satisfaction is our honor. Welcome!

Last week, we mentioned our Chinese festival, Tomb-sweeping Day. We referred to the origin of it, and today let’s go on the topic. I will show you the activities during the festival. Along with the development of it, then now the Day has absorbed many activities from other day, then Days are being merged in to Tomb-Sweeping Day.

People from different regions in China celebrate the festival in different forms, What they do and eat is not same, various from North China to South, and from East to West. Even the overseas Chinese from Indonesia, Singapore, the United States,etc. But their goal is the same in Memory of ancestors . It is so called “tread different paths that lead to the same destination”.

• What will you do during the Day? Many activities. Playing on a swing, people like it especially children does; Chuk-guk, is like playing football today; having an outing in spring, the weather is good for people to go outside from the depressing winter; Tree planting, before and after the Tomb-sweeping Day, under the spring sun bathes the land in light and spring shower, Planting tree can have the higher rate of survival and growing faster than usual; Flying a kite, I like it when I was young, so many years have passed away, but I still remembered the scenes of flying a kite, so sweet memories! You can cut the string, and let the kite go. It means good luck; and the most important activity for all Chinese people is to Visit A Grave or Tomb-sweeping to Honor our ancestors, it always remind that we can not be ungrateful, must not lose some belongs to us Chinese things; Inserting willow, about this we have three stories, anyway, it is just for the festival, so don’t care about where it is from, yeah, in my country, we have the custom, in the morning, all our villages cut some willow along the river bank and we eat eggs, when we were in the primary school, we children will bring the eggs and eggs hunt, whose egg is broken, who is a loser. Very funny! And many other activities, because the time is very urgent, so if you want to know more about our traditional festival, tell me, we will talk about it again. If not, we just end the topic. And next week, a new topic.

You can choose EDM machines filters or even EDM filter replacement cartridges.Your satisfaction is our honor. We are the Wire EDM Machine Filters Manufacturers in China.

OK, Bye friends, don’t forget your friend Amy and “ A Talk A Week”. See you and have a nice week!

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