China’s EDM trends and EDM society’s tasks

China’s EDM trends and EDM society’s tasks

It’s not right to be disappointed and self-abased because of no achievements in decades. Overestimate our achievements leads to blindly optimistic, that perhaps makes us guilty of big error. We should make an objective analysis of the gap, clearly make out the trends of China’s EDM and ensure our mission and development direction. From the previous statement, we have seen our development of EDM in this 10 years is much larger than the achievements of the past 20 years. However, compared to countries with advanced EDM technology, we still lag behind, what is worse is that the gap is almost not narrowed in this 10 years.

EDM machine tools and equipment is the specific mark that can clearly embody the industrial level. At present, cutting thickness is the only indicator we have in WEDM aspects which is ahead of the world. In EDM forming machine, our backwardness is also very obvious( only this two indexes machining surface roughness and dissipation is close to the international standards ), We not only behind Japan and Switzerland, also encountered Taiwan’s strong competition in Hong Kong market. In the while electrolysis, ultrasonic and laser experts definitely our decade achievements, they also pointed out our corresponding backward.

It is said that the international competition has been transferred to the economic areas. There is no doubt that the international EDM processing competition is also a small side of fierce economic competition, whether we like it, we have to participate in this. We must make out the grim trend of  our EDM processing in the competition: Japan and Switzerland is leading us, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, South Korea and Taiwan area of China, their EDM processing level is also in fairly quick developing.

In this economic competition, judgment standard of the success or failure of an industry should be the market share and the calculation of dollars our country expend and gain in the industry. we should feel enormous pressure and responsibility, If using this standard to measure our industry. Since that though the export of EDM machines growing rapidly these several years, but the import is with faster growth ( According to incomplete statistics, over these years, the imports is about CNY three billion, exports is less than CNY fifty million ). EDM Society has always been one of the most active forces in the EDM industry in China, it’s the academic authority of the EDM processing sector. In the economic competition with foreign countries, our society can not be sidelines. Therefore, in the next period of time, we should take “reduce the EDM machine imports, expand the export of EDM machine” as our first task.

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