Development of Mould Processing Technology EDM filters manufacturer

Development of mould processing technology, in short, is development of CNC. CNC has changed from simplex into comprehensive processing; from mould into full mold processing; from low speed into high speed high precision processing; from manual operation with the drawings into unmanned processing without drawings. At present, developing emphasis technology mainly includes:

l  Full mold processing;

l  High speed high precision processing;

l  Comprehensive processing;

l  Inserting ,casting and efficient processing;

l  Processing with flexible manpower line


I’m gonna emphatically introduce you high speed high precision processing here, which is related closely with electric discharge machine filters manufacturer, wire edm machine filters manufacturers.


In nowadays, high speed high precision processing is generally used in international advanced enterprises. And this technology is becoming more and more popular step-by-step and moving to maturity progressively in China. The goal of high speed processing, not only increases the efficiency of processing, but also to achieve high precision processing with small step and without residue.


It is widely believed that, revolving speed reaches 6000r/min is quasi high speed, when the revolving speed reaches up to 8000r/min will be high speed. Actually, to make real high speed come true, high stiffness dop and cutter body are needed, high precision high resistant cutter should be equipped, and the most important is to keep revolving speed suitable with feeding speed. Such as the processing of auto die surface, is a part of high complex free-form surface processing. It depends on dynamic precision of CNC surface processing, instead of statical precision.


The actual processing speed of surface and the final precision are not only decided by performance of machine tool, but depends more on processing technic and numerical control program technology. We should do researched and pay more attention to influence of numerical control program technology to processing precision and effciency. This is also essential to electric discharge machine filters manufacturer, wire edm machine filters manufacturers. In process of manufacturing filters, whether the filter net, or the paper folding, are both completed by machine tools. There is one full set machine tool system in TAGUTI.


Why processing goes after high precision? The target is to reduce clamping repairing in maximum level. Though high speed high precision processing technology has many advantages, the traditional rough machining can not be abandoned. There is also a processing technology that combined rough machining with high speed, that breaks free from the tradition and walk into innovation of processing technology.


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