Electric spark forming progress and prospect

Electric spark forming progress and prospect

EDM career in China has been more than 30 years of ups and downs, has thrived as an important force in China’s machinery industry. More achievements made after Electric Processing Society returns to work in the decade. China’s EDM machine tools have been developed to dozens of varieties, with the annual production capacity of about 500 units, effectively support the nation’s four modernizations construction and scientific research improvement.
A lot of work has been done on EDM discharge theory, surface quality, medium change institutions, processing theory in sinker EDM, and has achieved a number of valuable theory, papers and research results, these achievements have a guiding significance for  the electric spark forming industry.
In the field of application technology, our electric spark machining technology has already developed a way of self development. In EDM automatic control theory and pulse wave  role aspects , we have made tremendous achievements.
In specialty materials processing aspect, we had great breakthroughs such as polycrystalline diamond processing, and that already caused concern abroad.
Because of the undeniable achievements in the decade, we can not indulge ourselves in what has been achieved, we should be aware of the gap between the world advanced technology, we should be aware of our goals, ensure our position and establish strategy tactical deployment to achieve these goals. This article will present our ideas about EDM processing aspects as follows:
EDM is an applied Technology Science, and this subject currently the largest service place is the world’s mold industry. EDM technology development should be combined with the development of the mold industry, promote each other. Therefore, the EDM technology development should be combined with the development of the mold industry and promote each other.
EDM is an important industry, but our technology has not been completely accepted by China’s machining, tooling, specialty materials processing industry. Our machine output and popularizing rate is far from meet the level we expect. Taiwan’s annual production of EDM machine is 3000 units, that is much higher than ours. Japan and Switzerland’s annual production is thousands of units, and that is also what we can achieve currently. Whether the gap is increased or reduced, is depending on our work. Originally the association should not discuss the output value, but we are a society for the applied technology. Whether the association could enter the main battlefield of the national economy, is also a transformation the association should consider.
EDM is a big industry, and it’s an indispensable part of the national economy. To make the EDM industry a great development, our association must work hard to make our research used in the development of the machine tool product. Our country is to stand among the nations of the world, our electrical processing should also become an indispensable part of the international electrical processing sector.

There are some points we should insist in future development as follows:
1. Carry forward our technology research expertise.
2. Adhere to the NC direction.
3. Attention to the cultivation of professional technical personnel.
4. Take advantage of the country’s economic preferential policies to drive our EDM development.
5. Further develop our unique process.

In short, developing professional skills and raising research reserves is the direction our society must follow, otherwise, we will be marking time. The time of international cooperation and equal competition is coming, we can not belittle ourselves, we are promising. But, first of all, it’s based on our hard working. We must give full play to the strength of the society, the advantage of the industry, and he advantage of the Enterprise Group, establish more export-oriented factories. We must try our best to make EDM develop at a high starting point and to revitalize our EDM industry.
The best time for the improvement of EDM industry is coming.

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