Present situation and difficulties of mould enterprises

Present situation and difficulties of mould enterprises

With the popularity of CNC machining equipment, EDM Filter Manufacturers die and mould industry has get rid of the manual skills limit, and this has reduced barriers to enter into the industry, the mold enterprise has been in rapid increase in the nearly ten years, the mold enterprise market environment changes also. At the same time, most of the domestic small and medium-sized mold enterprises’ starting point is low, but also subject to the backward management, most enterprises’ further development faces the technology, talent and management bottlenecks. The low-end market contention is intense, the product homogeneity is serious, in the past few years, low-grade mould market’s price competition has moved to a malignant degree.

Most of small and medium-sized mold enterprises exist in the form of private enterprise, along with the improving of china’s economy commercializes degree, mold manufacturing enterprises begin to face many challenges. The mold market competition and market-oriented trading have completely squeezed  the normal profit margins. Clients’ requirements in quality, cost, lead time, after-sales service are continuously improving, especially that the foreign standard business model has made a great impact on china mould enterprises’ original ones, the bottleneck of technology and management has come out. Due to the lagging management mode, unclear responsibility, dull information, poor quality control, customer satisfaction issues, etc. these problems have obviously affect the status of enterprises in market competition. China’s low-grade mould suffers from overcapacity and is insufficient in high-grade mould production. The Mold production efficiency is also far lower than developed countries.EDM Filter Manufacturers

What we should see is that at present china enterprises’ mould export is still at a low level, compared to advanced counterparts, china mold enterprises still have a large, full range gap: from management to technology, from material to the equipment. Development of mold companies in China face many constraints, advanced processing equipment and design software is heavily dependent on imports, the development of mold companies rely on investment, which makes the investment risks aggravated. The mold industry is a typical high investment industry, without high precision, high quality processing equipment, high level mold can’t be produced. But high quality and precision CNC, EDM, wire cut processing equipment cost too much, the price would be millions, even more. At the same time, with the rapid development in information technology, equipment and software update quickly, the depreciation rate is high. So that the middle and small sized enterprises can’t handle the high cost, enterprises’ development is surely very difficult.

Although China mold enterprises’ transformation upgrading faces many difficulties, but the trend of world economic development forces our enterprises to improve rapidly. If enterprises can’t seize the opportunity of development, they will be eliminated relentlessly.EDM Filter Manufacturers

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