Mold enterprises development challenges and opportunities

Mold enterprises development challenges and opportunities

Abstract:Introduced the challenge and the opportunity that china mold enterprises face, analysed mold enterprises’ status and difficulties, and put forward some corresponding measures and countermeasures. Pointed out clearly that the key to mold enterprises’ transformation is to change enterprise leaders’ management concept, to construct enterprises’ core competitiveness. Mold companies have the responsibility to make joint efforts for China to become the world die power.

 Keywords:Mould enterprises, transformation development, challenge, opportunity, leader, core competitiveness

The current world economic situation is not optimistic, the macroscopical economy of our country is in the adjustment period, mould enterprises also felt the economic crisis chills. But we should see that the current economic situation ” crises” and ” machine ” coexist, the global manufacturing center is transferred to our country trend will not change, china mold enterprises will be faced with development market opportunities, the key is that enterprises need to re-examine the development strategy, adjust the structure, transform the management mode, and change the manufacturing situation from low-grade level to high-grade level as soon as possible. EDM Filter Supplier

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