Electric discharge machine filters manufacturer mann hummel edm filters

Electric discharge machine filters manufacturer mann hummel edm filters

Hi everybody, so long no see you! Here is 2015, welcome to “A Talk A Week” from TAGUTI Co., Ltd in China, as you all know our company is a professional electric discharge machine filters manufacturer. Hey, by the way, I am your friend,Amy, bingo~We have talked a lot about our products and company from July 2014, OK, today let’s review the past.

TAGUTI produces EDM machines filters,in the past half year, the articles are about Sodick wire EDM parts and Agie Charmillies wire EDM machines parts. We have Sodick wire EDM filters and Charmilles wire EDM machines filters for sale. Do you have any impression on that?

The above is about the products in the past topics, you can choose all the EDM machines filters from our factory, CNC wire cutting EDM machine filter and filters for sinker EDM maching and even parts for your small hole drilling EDM. In a word, we can serve your machines in the EDM consumables and parts. If you need a catalog about the products, just contact me. I will email it to you.

Today we just gossip and it is the start of 2015,so we can relax for a while,and coz so many challenges are for us in future. So just give our brain a moment. We will be back for our work next time. OK, let’s begin, I am the first to say some things, I just finished the summary yesterday. Our boss asked us to summarize the past 2014 and plan for 2015, yes, I think it is very necessary for all of us. Because if you can learn from what you did, then you will know what you will do better or even can put forward a solution to your question that may bother you a lot. So thinking for yourself is a key no matter in your work or life. I have the habit for planning, but I couldn’t insist on for a long time, maybe just a week, several days and longer is about a month,but this time I have stuck to plans for everyday, about 8 months. Wow~ it is a big improvement for me in 2014. I feel that I couldn’t waste time like before, because I have the schedule. I can do everything very well according to it. As it is said that every bean has its black, sometimes I can’t finish it. I am too lazy then. I realize it, and correct it. So I am still satisfied with me in the past year. Anyway, it is wonderful.I do the work I want, and do my best to help my clients, and have many friends from all over the world, when look back to the history, I can know that it was filled with my efforts every minute and second, when I look into the mirror, the feeling is so strong. Year after year, so many changes around you, do you feel that? When you are old enough to get married, you have to, you have to obey the rules. What you should do not what you want to do. But I like my job very much so far, somebody may say that you do like the sales just because you like English. But I just do. I like English and I also like talking with foreign friends in English. I like the languages, but it is a pity that my listening is not very well, and I can’t speak another one except English and Chinese. But I will learn one by one. So I will talk with you about the business in the future. Haha, do you want to buy our Electrode for small hole drilling EDM? Do you need Sodick wire EDM parts or CNC wire cutting EDM machine filter? Of course it is not English, another language. So I have to study hard now. Never too late to learn.

I have learned a lot from the acquaintances and unfamiliar, but I have many to learn, just make good use of my time, I am ready for 2015, and you? In the new year, I will do better with my clients. When they order filters for sinker EDM maching, I can know what is right for his machines, how to save cost and make the profits for him, COZ I always brand your need on my mind, so TAGUTI is your right business partners. With the development of the society, our boss have the crisis awareness, so we have done our best to serve you no matter who you are, if you choose our products, want to cooperate with TAGUTI, you can get the best products with the competitive price, we want you to make money, we can have the long business relationship with us, then we also can expand our companies, and to meet the needs. It is called win-win policy, and also are partners. Yes, welcome to choose TAGUTI as your suppliers, then you will know your choice is wise.

Do you need Sodick wire EDM filters or Agie charmilles wire EDM machines parts for your EDM machines? In another situation, when your friend ask ” do you know where is the charmilles wire EDM machines filters for sale in China?” Then you can tell them, of course you know. A beautiful city named Suzhou, you will find a company that many people in the EDM field will introduce, do you know what it is? TAGUTI Co., Ltd. TAGUTI can offer you with the satisfying consumables. So what do you wait for? TAKE ACTION!
Our address is:No.9 Huayuan Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, China 215131
You can email me via sales@filter-supplier.com.
Call me at  +86-512-65217978 or +8615151519692(cellphone)

Somebody may remember that we are a group, so what companies do we have? Yes,we are. But the company manufactures EDM filters and other EDM supplies at present. If you have any questions, leave us messages or call us, we will be happy to help you. We value all the clients.

2014 has passed away, 2015 is here, we have the confidence to do better. I have many good solutions to you, old and new clients. We have gained more in the past.

You can visit our website and find the products that you want to buy, or contact us if you have any questions. We will be on the service for you here. We have brought in new machines to make better products with lower price to help you win the EDM market in your field. We are the right manufacturer of EDM consumables and parts, we have the experience about 18 years in the making filters and Moly wire and other EDM accessories. We have the vision that make our TAGUTI to be a brand just like our leading enterprise, Mann Hummel.It is known as a brand all over the world, so we also hope that someday we will be like that. We take Mann for example for years. When you are in a stage, you should know what is advantage and shortage. How to get a higher stage? Then use your good qualities to let you get an improvement, but if not, you will always think why I am so unlucky, it must be others’ faults, if I was the brand, I will do better. But we all know everything changes due to the causes and effects, thus you must know the reasons, don’t cry when somebody get better than you do. Ask yourself if you did your effort to get it. So as we all know, it is difficult to make a brand, but we have the goal, and do the things relating . If we stick to it, the success in just around the corner. I don’t believe you can get what you don’t pay for. But I know you can get if you work harder and harder.

Do you have any suggestion or questions, just feel free to tell us, the purpose is to help us win-win in the market. We will give you more information about our products and company, you can know all the sides. We also give you the articles about our rivals, the analysis of the products comparing with ours, etc. You know, it will be a busy year, too. But we are happy to do that. We believe we can be better and better and be best in the end. I am so lucky to be an employee in the company, I like our team, our colleagues are so helpful, our leaders are so wise. Why can’t I trust it? Do our best to make it come true. It is our dream and goal to be a brand, an example.

·Today we just say something out, we don’t talk much about the sales, but I am sorry I find that I talked more or less about the work. We say something about Sodick and Agie Charmilles again and again. But you know, they are two of the most famous in our EDM industries. We must learn them and make us strong enough to be better. New year comes, you can visit our factory at No.9 Huayuan Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, China. Please call us before you come. We will pick you up at the station. And in the last, TAGUTI here bless you, our new and old customers: have a nice day, happy Chinese New Year and May you be happy and prosperous. You can talk about yourself. Share your thought, OK?

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