Exportation of EDM machines filters

Exportation of EDM machines filters

Hello, everybody. How are you doing? We haven’t updated for a long time. Because we were busy in one thing. I’d had to tell you an encouraging news about TAGUTI. TAGUTI EDM machines filters have been exported to Russia recently. I would like to thank our russian customers to give us this opportunity to serve.

As EDM has originated from USSR, to develop market of the CIS countries is always our major target. Though EDM machines were first invented by the Sovients, in fact China was the first country to use this technology in industrial production. And in only two decades we have become a mature electric discharge machine filters manufacturer and won a place in chinese EDM machines filters market. In nowadays, Mann Hummel edm filters, as an industry benchmark, have turned into an example that we’ve kept going after all the time. To get closer to Mann Hummel edm filters, we’ve changed national filter paper into which made from the same vender as Mann. This kind of filter paper possessed higher filter fineness. At the same time we’ve imported filter glue from Japan. All we did is to make our EDM machines filters more competitive and become a more professional electric discharge machine filters manufacturer. I can’t say TAGUTI filters are better than Mann Hummel edm filters, but on the basis of achieving alike filter precision, we have advantage in price. I believe it is an important concern for most of the customers.

We have discovered a great russian market potential through this cooperation. Before that, a lot of market researches have been done by our scientific specialists. Filter H31 1033 of Mann Hummel might be the commonest in Russia. As expected, our russian customer did order this filter this time, which is known as the YT-38 of our filters. By coincidence, our customer from Israel had also ordered this filter. It seems that there are a litte bit of intercommunities between russian and asian market. Let’s look towards the global market. Probably they are all much of a muchness.

At present, e-commerce is very popular in China. In the meantime, the market is full of competitions. As the saying goes, the more competitions , the more customers , the better. As an electric discharge machine filters manufacturer, we have our unique natural environment. Our factory is located in the southeast of China, only 100 kilometers far away from Shanghai port. Because of this, it will take less time and lower cost in transportation. And it is more beneficial to coordinate with freight forwarder and shipping company. This year TAGUTI has ushered in the two reforms. On the one hand, the workshop has doubled in size. All departments have been replanned by their respective functions and duties; on the other hand, the shell of filters have been updated into screw type, instead of the one-piece iron shell. This change has brought remarkable features, like stiffness, strenth. Can you imagine, one tiny shell can bear one adult’s weight? I know it’s like Arabian Nights, but it’s fact in facts. After Chinese New Year, our filters will be replaced by new ones totally. Of course, you’re welcomed to purchase for trial. No matter wherever you’re, whoever you’re, you can enjoy our improvement. No matter whichever you are interested in, sodick wire cut edm filters, mitsubishi edm machine fitlers, agie charmilles edm machine filtes etc., all of them you can find from TAGUTI.

For the past few years, we are stressing on creating customers overseas, like the great Peter Drucker said, this is the only one valid definition of business. Customers from Iran, France, Tailand, Singapore have come and visit our factory. And later on they were shown around our city Suzhou, which is called paradise on earth. There are two chinese large-scale mould exhibition, one is held in Beijing, the other in Shanghai. TAGUTI has participated in the trade show almost every year. Certainly there is no exception this year. All of our products will be showed on exhibition, such as sodick wire cut edm filters, mitsubishi edm machine filters, agie charmilles wire edm machine filters etc. Exact date of exhibition will be noticed on our website, that you can follow.

Another TAGUTI year has passed, there are many things happen this year. And we make so many friends from all over the world. We always go ahead with trusting hope. We believe tomorrow will be a better day. And you can see brand new TAGUTI year by year. We’re here to wish all our existing and coming customers and all TAGUTI staffs happy Chinese New Year!

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