Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machine Parts mann hummel edm filters

Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machine Parts mann hummel edm filters

Hi everyone, welcome to “A Talk A Week” from TAGUTI Co., Ltd in China. I am your old friend Amy. We have talked about small hole EDM machines in the last week. And let’s change another topic this week, a new one about Mitsubishi Wire EDM Machine Parts.TAGUTI can provide global EDM consumables supplies, but first let’s talk about Mitsubishi EDM machine filters, OK?

Compare a known company named Electrodes,inc in the USA with TAGUTI Co., Ltd , a manufacturing company is known in the EDM field.Our company manufactures global EDM consumables supplies, welcome global industries in the EDM field to source from TAGUTI Co., Ltd in China.

Please look at the chart about the EDM sinker machines filters and Wire cut machine filter between Electrodes, inc and TAGUTI.
Electrode, Inc.
Code TAGUTI Co., Ltd
Code Type Suitable Machines
EL-101-10A-1 YT-32 EDM sinker machines filters and Wire cut machine filter Agie Charmilles
EL-101-5 YT-02N EDM sinker machines filters and Wire cut machine filter TAIWAN SERIES
Agie Charmilles Wire and Sinkers
EL115-XLDP5 YT-19 Wire cut machine filter Sodick AG Series
Sodick A, AP, AQ, VZ, AG Series, Charmille 240
EL-116-3/5 MC Filter YT-240
Wire cut machine filter Charmille 240SL; 440SL; 640; 640CC; 240SL; 440SL,  (models after 12/2004) 240CC; 440CC; CUT 200; 2050TW; 6050TW
Mitsubishi FX; FX-K; QA; RA; FA Series

EL-115-3-QFA YT-36Z Wire cut machine filter Mitsubishi FA Advance 20S, FA Advance 10S, MV Series
EL-115-3-2Q YT-36P Wire cut machine filter Mitsubishi FX, FA, BA8, and Makino Wire Machines
EL-116-5S YT-25N Wire cut machine filter Sodick Machines
EL-114-5 YT-20 Wire cut machine filter Mitsubishi 70,90, 110, 200, F, PF, G, PG, H, U, C, HA, PH, HP, HS, PA, P, SX
EL-108-5 YT-23 EDM sinker machines filters Makino, Mitsubishi and Sodick CEDM
The photos are a little different, the above is about the common filters our clients usually buy from our factory, if you need others that I can’t write it down, please contact us, or you want us to design and customize the EDM consumables and parts for your EDM machines, just tell me. Anyway, if you have questions, tell us, we will help you solve them.

Time flies! Time to say goodbye again this time, oh, just forgot, we have had New Year’s Eve dinner at the end of last month, I was not lucky, because I still didn’t draw a prize, but sunny award give me some hope, I am sure it will be better in the 2015. Fighting! Haha, let’s over the discussion this week, see you next year, bye-bye.

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