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Elme from Sweden found it in 1782. And later in 1953, Molybdenum element is confirmed to be the necessary microelement for human bodies, animals and plants. Molybdenum exists in MoS2.


1/It is mainly used for Iron and Steel Industry. For example, when added to stainless steel, it can improve the corrosion resistance of steel; when added to cast iron, it can improve the strength and wear resistance of iron.

2/Make all kinds of high temperature parts for aerospace. Also under high temperature, extending the life of moulds…

3/Metal Molybdenum is widely used in electron tubes, electronic components,etc. Molybdenum can replace the graphene in the electronics industry;

4/Molybdenum oxide and Molybdate are catalysts in chemical and petroleum industry;

5/ Molybdenum disulfide is a kind of important lubricant, used in the aerospace and mechanical industry;

6/ Besides that, because of its unique Sulfur resistant properties of Molybdenum disulfide, under certain conditions it is catalytic for CO and hydrogenation making alcohols;

7/ Molybdenum wire is also a necessary microelement no matter plants, animals or people;

8/ Pure Molybdenum wire  is used in high temperature furnace, electric spark machining and wire cut EDM machining.

9/ Molybdenum sheets are used to make the radio equipment and X-ray equipment. With molybdenum refractory mould industries rapid development, the electric spark machining technology has been widespread applied, Molybdenum wire  is the ideal wire electrode for wire-cut edm machines, it can cut all kinds of steel and carbide, process extremely complex shape parts. Because of its discharge machining stability, the wire can effectively improve the precision of the mould.

10/ Molybdenum crucible erosion is mainly used for the artillery bore, rocket nozzle, light bulbs being made of tungsten wire stents.

11/ As a different substrate membrane surface, Molybdenum has been widely used in thin-film solar and other coating industry.

12/ Molybdenum is also a Medicine.

BY THE WAY, with bulb manufacturing development and the rise of mould manufacturing, that makes the molybdenum wire production and consumption by leaps and bounds. According to China lighting association statistics, production of molybdenum wire up to 3.15 billion meters all over China in 2001, but the actual production estimates up to 4 billion meters, molybdenum consumption is nearly 800 tons, the number is very considerable. One part in molybdenum wire production is more than 2 billion meters, accounting for more than half of total molybdenum wire.

Today let’s talk about the application of molybdenum wire in the wire cut EDM machining industry.

First we have to know what wire cut EDM machining is. Just as its name implies, you have to use wire electrode to cut the workpieces under some conditions.

Then let’s talk about one wire electrode—Molybdenum wire.

Workers adopt advanced hot-cold technology to make high quality high temperature molybdenum materials into filaments, then as one electrode of the wire cut EDM machine, and to machining the workpieces.

The forming process in state of molybdenum wire surface: drawing, forging, grinding.

Special molybdenum wires for wire-cut EDM are GMPM.一1,GMHI.M.一2. They are used for cutting all kinds of non-ferrous metals, steel and magnetic material. They are with high strength, good discharge performance, high surface finish, fast cutting speed, long service life, etc.

As one electrode, molybdenum wire has advantages as below:

Ultra-high tensile strength;
High surface finish, good stability, high cutting precision;
Elongation is small, tight silk small;
Rolls with large curvature, the wire diameter is consistent, not easy broken and long service life;
Increasing the high frequency power, improving the efficiency of rough machining;
Accurate measurement, vacuum packaging, prevent oxidation, mildew, can be long-term preservation.

Storage notes:

The molybdenum wire is kept in low humidity ventilated cool place, please try to control temperature between 20 ℃ and 25 ℃, in order to avoid Molybdenum wire  oxidation.
Molybdenum wire is stored over six months, verticality bad problems may occur.

The advantages of Molybdenum Wire:

Molybdenum wire with high precision, and its wire diameter tolerance control within 0 ~ 0.002 mm;
The low incidence of broken wire, high processing speed, high cost performance;
It can realize stable for a long time for processing.

The main characteristics of counterfeit molybdenum wire have are:

Each spool of counterfeit molybdenum wire length is short of 100-200 meters or more, insufficient number of molybdenum wire net weight;
Each spool is weighed 120-130g, or is more heavy 20-30g than the standard spool, then false increasing the net weight of molybdenum wire is 20-30g, and even some company, the spool weighed about 98g;

Label datas Outside the box don’t match with spool label.


If you have high-speed or middle-speed wire cut EDM machines, then you must know the FAQ about molybdenum wire.

about the broken wire
It is the main questions when use molybdenum wire, you must be sure that you buy the real wire, and then you can check the moly wire, if the wire is OK, you have to check other parts, anyway, there are many reasons lead to broken wire. So don’t say that the problem must be caused by the moly wire; if you want to know more about the broken wire, I will give you more information as your requirements;

2. Big ductility

When the moly wire is working, if the ductility beyond the standard level, then you have trouble in it;

3. Great loss

Moly wire is with less loss but with less money, if great loss is in the wire, then you have trouble in it. You can’t get more profit from it, or even lose your money in it, so you have to check the problems.

About the No.2 and No.3 questions, I will give you detailed information later.

Next and the important part is about TAGUTI Molybdenum Wire:

If you want to reduce the times of broken wire, solve the problems of big ductility and great loss when working, then you should know TAGUTI molybdenum wire. Why do I say like that? Because it is true that our TAGUTI wire is with good quality but reasonable price. Why? Our boss pay attention to the quality, he has the further vision and we are a factory of moly wire, so the processing cost is lower or much lower than the trade companies, resellers and so on.

But someone may be very confused. And they also doubt that Amy, you just say that your moly wire is very good quality, but how can I trust you? Yeah, I can understand, if I were you, I also have that confusion. “A constant occurrence is in human relationships.”

But please find the following data about our wire:



We are the manufacturer with 18 years’ experience;
We can’t win the client with lower quality, lower price. We must be responsible for you;
We receive good feedback from the users who are from China and outside, because we can help you make more profit…
1. Material:
Mo content: about 99.97% (Test result)
For example: Moly wire of Diameter:Φ0.18 ㎜

Test ItemsChina National StandardTest ResultRemark
AppearanceNo SplitNo
No CrackNo
No RagNo
Mo content≥99.95%≥99.97%
Tensile Strength≥3.9kg≥5.6kg
LinearityH>400mm>400mmDraping Method
Error in Length±3%±2% 


2. Tech:
We use a tech called “Cold drawn” to make moly wire, then TAGUTI wire is with good tensile strength. There is about more 15% tensile strength than others. TAGU
TI wire can’t be broken easily, that will help our customers save a lot.
3. Commom Specification:
The length of the wire: ø0.15mm*2800m,ø0.16mm*2500m,ø0.18mm*2000m,ø0.20m*1500m
4. Competitive Price:
You can compare our price with other suppliers. By the way, in the hot summer, our boss wants to thank our old clients, and we have a discount on moly wire, but I remember the price is the lowest in the past years. Good quality wire but with the lowest price, I think you make a wise choice to buy TAGUTI Molybdenum wire . I think our wire can make more profit for you, even our price is lower, you make more profit, who is the big winner, of course you!!!

5. Advantages:
a.Strict material selection
– selection of pure molybdenum materials and excellent electrical erosion resistance;
b.High tensile strength
– not easily fracture of wires;
c.Low ductility – easily maintain stable tension;
d.No protective covering on the surface, manufacturing stably and high efficient;
e.Correct wire diameter to ensure the processing precision;
f.Low wastage and long service life;
g.High curl rate, straight wire, easily thread wire;
h. Vacuun package, more than one year storage life.

Now in China, there are SHANGDONG Guangming moly wire, Nanjing diamond molybdenum wire, Xiamen HONGLU, Sichuang HONGGUANG. And of course, the future new star—TAGUTI molybdenum wire. Choose it, and you will love it. Why? Make more money for you, so it is the reason.

At the end, I just want to say, if you just stare at the price of Molybdenum wire , I am sure that you don’t want to choose TAGUTI wire, I feel very pity about that, but if you are a wise businessman or businesswoman, I think to make profit, you must know the sell price, then minus the cost, then the profit belongs to you, if you buy the cheapest wire, but cause many troubles and much cost for you, I don’t think you make more money than buying the higher price moly wire and cause no trouble and no cost in the process. I think it is always true that free is the most expensive. Of course one penny one quality, but TAGUTI can give you more worth quality than the same money. Words always lighter than the products, give our wire a chance, then return you more profit!

OK, friends, today let’s talk these only, see you next week. If you have any questions, just leave me a message. Hope you all have a prosperous business and have a good mood everyday. Let’s make an appointment in TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd. This is your friend, Amy from “ A Talk A Week” of TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd in China. See you next week!

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