Molybdenum Wire Holding Skill and Safe Operation Rules of Wire Cut EDM Machining

Hi, here is TAGUTI news. molybdenum wire holding is the first important stage of wire cut EDM machining. There are several tips of molybdenum wire holding skill below.

* It is necessary to keep a certain tension by holding the molybdenum wire wheel in hand during the process of molybdenum wire holding. If not, it might cause sleave of molybdenum wire cylinder, or might cause molybdenum wire rolling out of guide wheel.

* It is necessary to set the installed molybdenum wire along the guide wheel to avoid the damage to the rack from the abrasion between the molybdenum wire and the rack. At the same time, it can also increase the service life of molybdenum wire.

* It is necessary to keep a certain length of molybdenum wire. Because the molybdenum wire cylinder is doing the reciprocating motion in the process of wire cut EDM machining, the width of wire holding should be at least greater than half of the molybdenum wire cylinder’s width but less than the whole molybdenum wire cylinder’s width.

* It is necessary to keep the molybdenum wire vertical with the working table. After twining and tensioning the molybdenum wire, it is ought to check and adjust the molybdenum wire’s verticality to the working table. In actual production, some simple tools are mostly adopted, such as square ruler, cylindrical ruler or regular hexahedron, then base the working table(or the jig above the working table), check with visual inspection if clearance is consistent between the molybdenum wire and the surface of tool, and adjust them into consistency.

* It is necessary to tensioning once again after holding the molybdenum wire. Usually wire cut EDM machine tool has molybdenum wire tensioning gear. If there is no molybdenum wire tensioning gear for guide frame of wire cut EDM machine tool, it is ought to tensioning the molybdenum wire by hand wheel before processing.

Above we have described the molybdenum wire holding skill. There are also several safe operation rules in the process of wire cut EMD machining.

* Firstly the operator should be familiar with the property and structure of wire cut EMD machine tool, master the operational program and strictly follow the safety regulations and the regulation for equipment operation and maintenance.

* The unauthorized person is not allowed to touch the instruments at random. There should be fire security measure in the room.

* It is necessary to do the preparatory work as below before starting a wire cut EDM machine tool. I Check that all parts of wire cut EDM machine tool are in good condition before use, adjust the level at regular intervals. Add sufficient lubricating oil according to the regulation. Fill the working fluid box with saponified oil emulsion. Keep clean and check the joints of every pipes.
II Check the cable between the wire cut EDM machine tool and control cabinet. Check that if the input signal is consistent with the moving direction of supporting board. Adjust the high frequency pulse power supply.
III Check the vertical and horizontal movement of the working table. Check the reciprocating motion of the ball bearing board if it is flexible and move it untill the travel switch is in the middle of the two baffles. The stop dog of the travel switch should be controlled on the actual need to avoid the wire running if the ball bearing board rushes out while starting a wire cut EDM machine tool. It is able to switch off the ball bearing electrical machine when the ball bearing moves in to the middle position. Do not switch off the power when the ball bearing is going to reversing. So as not to thrust the molybdenum wire because of the inertia effect from the movement of the ball bearing board. And even the feed screw nut runs out of wire. After check above mentioned factors, so that the wire cut EDM machine tool can be started up.

* Install the workpiece. Place the cutting workpiece on the mounting table. Fasten it with clamp screw. While cutting the whole mold cavity, it is necessary to avoid the workpiece and mounting table touching the molybdenum wire coil holder. For example, when cutting the die, it is necessary to put the molybdenum wire through the preformed hole in the workpiece, then start to cut after alignment.

* While cutting the workpiece, firstly start the ball bearing, press the molybdenum wire running button, then switch on the working liquid electrical machine after rotation of the guide wheel, and open the valve of working liquid. When it is ought to switch off the molybdenum wire electrical machine in the process of cutting or when completing cutting, it is necessary to switch off the frequency conversion, cut off the high frequency electric source. After that close the pump of working liquid, wait till there is no working liquid on the guide wheel, finally switch off the electrical machine of the ball bearing.

* Keep the working liquid clean and keep the tube unblocked. In order to reduce the electrolytic corrosion in the working liquid, it is better to put foamed plastic for filtration on the working table, in the return flume and the working liquid box. Clean the working liquid box, filter and change the working liquid at regular intervals.

* Keep the supporting plate of the working table, the ball screw and the rolling guide clean. In case not to influence the moving accurcy, do not let dust enter in.

* If the molybdenum wire vibrates when the thread rolling cylinder reverses, it has to switch off the electrical machine immediatly. Check the concerned parts if loose and adjust them in time.

* It is necessary to send the kerosene into the guide wheel bearing once or twice a week to keep clean and service life.

* It is necessary to pay special attention to careful maintenance of the control desk and keep it clean.

* The operator can not meddle with the electrical element and the appliance of the control desk. If any problems appear, the electrical machine should be switched off immediatly and it is necessary to inform the maintenance personnel for servicing.

*It is necessary to cut off the power in the end of the work. Wipe the wire cut EDM machine tool and all units of the control desk. Keep clean all the time. It is better to cover the computer with equipment cover. Sweep the work place, but avoid the dirt spreading. Wipe clean especially the guide surface. Do the operation record carefully and hand over to the next shift.

*Before operation, in order to prevent the clothes or hair from coiling by the molybdenum wire, the operator should wear the work clothes and the protective equipment.

* Before switching on the electrical machine, check the lubricating oil of wire cut EDM machine tool and the liquid level of deionized water whether reach the requirements.

* It is necessary to operate the machine tool under the guidance of instructors. It can not operate a wire cut EDM machine tool by oneself without permission.

* When the machine tool is in the running state (While the wire is moving), do not touch the molybdenum wire with hands to avoid electric shock or hurting.

* The operator should stand fast and remain at his post in the process of operation. Observe the course of working at any time. If unforeseen circumstances have emerged, it is necessarty to take steps as below:
I Press the button “PAUSE” or type “P” to stop the operation. Continue the operation after trouble shooting.
II Or press the red button “E-STOP” on the wire cut EDM machine tool. Stop the operation and check.

* It is necessary to coordinate with the feed speed and the electrolytic corrosion speed, in case of not being lack of track or over track. Lack of track makes operation all the time in the open state. The molybdenum wire easily brokes because the electric current is not stable. Over track makes short circuit.

* It should not change the guiding rule of electricity in the process of operation, if not, the roughness of the processing surface will be inconsistent. It should cut off the high frequency pulse output if necessarty, then change the guiding rule of electricity.

* Do not modify the technical parameters optionally, because they are set up by the manufacturing factors. If not, the wire cut EDM machine tool will not function correctly.

* When the operation is going to complete, switch off the electrical machine as required. Disconnect the plug to cut off the electrical power. Wipe and sweep the work place. Keep clean.

Above we have inroduced several skills of molybdenum wire holding and operating standards of wire cut EDM machine tool. Have you known a little bit now? This time we are gonna finish this topic. Next time we are going to describe you FAQ in the process of wire cut EDM machining. Such like how to ensure the straightness of movement X&Y, the factors influencing the cutting efficiency etc. So let us look forward to next meeting!

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