Analysis of edm short circuit

the main reason of edm short circuit 1: the roller bearing wear large jitter molybdenum wire, 2: cutting fluid is dirty difficult chip removal ( replaceable water-based cutting fluid ), 3 : frequency tracking too quickly may be appropriate to reduce the cutting speed, 4: high frequency parameter is set properly, 5: the important point if the machine will not be able to cut through unilateral high workpiece, the total
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Different EDM machines, different service life

Different EDM machines, different service life EDM Filter Exporter There is no scrapped standard of wire EDM machines. In China, the EDM machine market can be generally divided into 3 kinds: High-grade machine( brands in Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou),Mid-range machine(brands in Taizhou),Inferior ones(brands in Ningbo). There is must be a service life of these machines. What makes the service life different? 1.machine q
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Equipment Of EDM

In EDM, or electrical discharge machining, the equivalent of tiny lightning bolts perform the material removal. Though slow in terms of metal removal rate, EDM is capable of machining complex shapes in hard materials. Mold and die makers, as well as makers of jet engine components, rely on EDM Filter routinely. The process includes an electrode and a workpiece, both submerged in dielectric fluid. Current flows betwee
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CNC Wire EDM can satisfy and meet all these needs

Today, as we embrace the 21st century, there are far greater demands for higher precision in machining, ease of operation, and increased longevity of both the parts, and the machines that make them. CNC Wire EDM can satisfy and meet all these needs. The precision machining of complex geometry’s can be easily accomplished with minimal operations. EDM Filter Today’s wire electrical discharge machines have many features
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Pre-breakdown of EDM discharges

EDM Filter Supplier The first of the four chapters presenting experimental results is dedicated to the prebreakdown phase. The study of the mechanisms leading to breakdown is physically of great interest, but it is also important from the industrial point of view. Since no material removal is performed during this phase, it would be interesting to understand it and to control its duration, in order to reduce this “wa
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Who is your favorite EDM Filter Supplier?

Who is your favorite EDM Filter Supplier? Looking for a good supplier for EDM filters, who are you guys using and what brand of filter are you using on your machine? Here is a recommendation of the leading EDM filter brand in China, TAGUTI. TAGUTI-17years’ experience in EDM filter manufacturing. Millions of filters manufactured, around 8 % annual revenue growth – since 17 years TAGUTI has displayed an impressive trac
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Influence surface quality of wire cut EDM machining

The reasons that influence surface quality of wire cut edm filters machining: instability of machining process and unclean working solution. Here are some measures to improve this situation: 1. Make sure producing accuracy of wire drum and guides, control the axial and radial jumping of wire drum and guides,the turning of guides should be flexible and smooth, it will reduce vibration of guides to realize stability of
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Use air filters correctly

Use air filters correctly Effects and influences of the primary air filter Effects: Used to do the primary protection filtration and return air filtration. As the pre-filtering device, primary air filters can effectively extend the service life of the HEPA filter. Influences: The service life of the HEPA filter will be shorten if the primary air filter not be changed at regular intervals, because of that after period
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Tips for Improve the Wire EDM Filters cutting precision

Tips for Improve the Wire EDM Filters cutting precision Cutting speed on a Wire EDM can be effected by a variety of different things.  Below is a list of things to check if you are looking to increase your cutting speed. Flushing: One of the biggest determining factors on how fast you can cut with your EDM is flushing.  Make sure both your top and bottom flush cups are in good shape and don’t have any cracks or chips
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