Panel Air Filter (Cardboard Frame)

1.The general air conditioning system primary protection filter and air filter,
2.High performance filter before filtration, prolongs the service life of high performance filter,
3.Factory exhaust, industrial processing dust air treatment system.

1.Using high quality wool fibers, with a special blend technology made gradually layer type high performance mixed wool fiber,
2.Rely on the maturity of the production process, to achieve the maximum area of the filter, the volume increases, pressure loss is reduced, and the dust quantity increases, ensure the filtering efficiency and lasting stability, service life grows,
3.Strength and toughness of metal filter support network, high strength die water-resistant hard cardboard frame, not easy to deformation, collapse, in the filter and frame joint with a sealing glue, no leakage.

1.the volume and resistance, dust capacity and resistance rise in a linear relationship.
2.According to customer requirements, production of non-standard size products

Date: December 25, 2012
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