Panel Air Filter (Metal Frame)

1.The general air conditioning system primary protection filter and air filter,,
2.High performance filter before filtration, prolongs the service life of high performance filter.

1.The anodic oxidation treatment of high quality aluminum alloy frame, light weight, can be repeated use of,
2.A type combined frame self sealing fastening structure, no air leak hazards, the surface electrostatic spraying, not easy to rust,
B type inner frame protection net made of aluminum or galvanized mesh support filter cotton, harsh environment is not easy deformation,
3.Using high quality anti fracture synthetic fiber based non-woven filter, filter layers, the wind surface hot melt processing, trapping ability,
4.Filter low initial resistance, large dust capacity, can be washed, can replace the filter, long service life.

1.the volume and resistance, dust capacity and resistance rise in a linear relationship.
2.According to customer requirements, production of non-standard size products.

Date: December 25, 2012
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