Pocket Filter (Composite Fiber)

1.Suitable for general ventilation air conditioner filtering system, in order to create a clean comfortable indoor air, can reach the general requirements of clean air;
2.Suitable for clean room filter before road protection filter, high efficiency filter service life extension.

1.A very fine filament fiber and synthetic organic fiber compounded filter, a three layer increasing structure, to ensure that the excellent filtering performance;
2.Not including glass fiber, there is no breakage of the glass fiber and the risk of falling;
3.Does not contain organic silicon and boron ( Note: );
4.Allow large quantity of dust, coarse low resistance, stable efficiency, long service life;
5.Can effectively remove fine dust and microorganisms, in order to get healthy and comfortable indoor air;
6.For high efficiency filter has excellent protection performance, prolong the service life of high efficiency filter, the replacement times is reduced, cost reduction;
7.Compared to less than 1 µm dust, also has high filter efficiency;
8.No biological activity of filter bag, ensure that microorganisms can not breed;
9.To avoid environmental have two pollution, waste can be burned, to generate the C O H O;
High temperature and strong, up to 100% relative humidity and moisture resistance; high temperatures can reach 100%.

1.the volume and resistance, dust capacity and resistance rise in a linear relationship.
2.According to customer requirements, production of non-standard size products.

Date: December 26, 2012
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