Pocket Filter (Nonwoven Fabric)

1.Applicable to the dust concentrations were higher in the air conditioning system of the former filtering, is particularly applicable to the dust area;
2.Applicable to coating industry paint shop front filter.

1.Filter adopts the fiber is connected closely, strong toughness filament fiber after high temperature hot melt material, fibre distribution in science, ash storage capacity, efficiency and stability, strong resistance to washing;
2.Not including glass fiber, glass fiber loss risk does not exist;
3.Does not contain silicone, especially suitable for spraying industry air handling system;
4.No biological activity of filter bag, ensure that microorganisms can not breed;
5.Up to 100% relative humidity and moisture resistance, the temperature can reach 90℃;
6.Filter itself does not contain harmful substances, comply with environmental requirements.

1.the volume and resistance, dust capacity and resistance rise in a linear relationship.
2.According to customer requirements, production of non-standard size products.

Date: December 26, 2012
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