Separator HEPA Filter

1.General requirements of clean purification and filtration and back ULPA protection filter;
2.Suitable for dry cleaning table, laminar flow hood, air purification equipment such as high efficiency unit;
3.Applicable to all levels of the clean room terminal filter.

1.Uses the high strength ultra-fine glass fiber filter or composite polypropylene fiber filter paper as the media, the use of the process does not produce chemical hazards, the filtering performance is stable and reliable;
2.Galvanized wire, aluminum, wooden plate frame for selection, firm structure, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance;
3.Mature plate production process, good sealing effect, the increase effective filtering area, prevent gas leakage;
4.Temperature resistance type filter options.

1.the volume and resistance, dust capacity and resistance rise in a linear relationship.
2.According to customer requirements, production of non-standard size products.

Date: December 26, 2012
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