Problems and development direction of China’s EDM

Problems and development direction of China’s EDM
EDM Filter Supplier Compared to advanced EDM technology abroad, there’s great gap between us and mainly reflected in the following respects:

1. Poor precision
Currently, precision of China’s electrical discharge machining is not good enough. Though there are individual products of some specific manufacturers can approach reach the international advanced level, but in short, there’s big technical gap between chinese manufacturers. Precision of the three-dimensional shape generally can achieve ± 0.05 mm abroad, but in China that’s only around ±0.10—0.20 mm

2. Poor and uncoordinated equipment
Poor process measures leads to our poor machining accuracy,  furthermore poor equipment is also one of the main reasons. Due to historical reasons, most China’s electrolytic processing machine are homemade, and most are very old. Many of them are manufactured in the 1980s – poor host performance and backward control system, especially, the Electrolyte system is simple and the electrolytic parameter measurement and control are all backward. Therefore, adverse devices affect machining accuracy, particularly the repeat accuracy.

3. Poor professional quality
Professional technical personnel is always lack of training, at the same time is not stable, that leads to the poor professional quality. In recent years, due to the decreasing of military products, EDM machining professional team has appeared the trend of decline in practitioners.

4. Limited applications
A lot of work has been done to expand the application in decades, but in general they are mainly just in blades, impellers, forging dies, barrel these several areas. There are still many application areas to be developed.

According to the current situation at home and abroad, we have developed the following aspects as recent developments.

1. Expand the range of applications, give full play to the role of the electrochemical machining.
Currently there are many areas could be applied by EDM technology, such as the thin-wall mould etc., The applied field also need constantly and consolidate development.

2. Improve the equipment
Development of specifications and varieties of the EDM machine tools is necessary, and auxiliary equipment also needs to be gradually completed. In conjunction with the development of technology, the composite processing equipment and computer control system all need to be developed. At the same, we also need do more reseach on the development of pulse power.

3. Promote the pulse processing and passivation electrolyte
The pulse processing and passivation electrolyte is an effective action to improve the machining precision, and need to be further developed and promoted.

4. More composite processing reseach
With the development of new materials and new technologies in economic construction, there are many problems can not be solved by conventional processing methods, even the special processing methods also can not meet technological requirements. Composite process is the only way to solve these difficult processing problems. Electrochemical composite processing, based on electrochemical machining and with good processing surface quality characters, has a great development in the future. EDM Filter Supplier

5. Further basic research
For the steady development of EDM machining, basic research can not be ignored. In addition to the general mechanism, there is emphasis also available in the following aspects.

① Research new electrolyte
The electrolyte is an important part of the electrochemical process, has important effects on the machining accuracy, surface quality and processing speed etc, especially for those new special materials processing. That is why it can not be ignored. The development of research on new types of electrolyte (including non-aqueous electrolyte and the composite processing electrolyte) is very important to our EDM industry, we need to change the condition that single NaCL solution being used in production gradually .

② Accumulated process data, establish the database
There are many technological parameters which effects the machining accuracy in EDM processing, and they could have various changes due to diffirent machining material and electrolyte. Therefore research on these parameters must be planed, we need to accumulate the data and establish the database. This not only can provide the basis for processing, more important is it can lay the foundation of achieving computer control and various mathematical models establishment.

③ Research new processing method

6. Technical training
More attention to the organization of personnel training work and various kinds of lessons should be paid by the EDM society. Each unit also must pay attention to personnel training and try their best to maintain the stability of EDM specialists .EDM Filter Supplier

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