Processing scheme for a wire break of 0.18mm molybdenum wire

Hi, here is TAGUTI news. During the EDM process, a wire break of 0.18mm molybdenum wire appears in a lot of conditions.


  1. Depending on molybdenum wire itself
  • It is possible to reduce impacts of wire vibration by improving tension (between 12N and 15N). So that cutting speed and precision could be increased and probability of wire break could be obviously decreased.
  • It is beneficial for 0.18mm molybdenum wire to take working liquid into discharging gap of rather thick workpiece by increasing wire-moving speed. It assures exclusion of electrical erosion debris and stabilization of electrical discharge machining. However if molybdenum wire moves too fast, it will cause severe wire vibration, not only the processing stability will be undermined, but also there will have a strong impact on precision and surface roughness. And molybdenum wire will break down easily. Of course low speed is also undesirable, usually it should be less than 10m/s.





  1. 2.   Depending on guide wire system
  • If the wire-moving canister’s internal and external circles are not concentric, unbalanced inertia comes into being. molybdenum wire will break easily because of wire folding in movement.
  • There will be clearance between parts(axle, bearing, etc.) because of regular abrasion. So that wire will break because of wire shaking.
  • If the high frequency power supply is not cut off in time of communtation of wire-moving canister, molybdenum wire will be burned up because of excess temperature. Therefore it is important to check the travel switch on the back-end of wire-moving canister.
  • It should keep wire-moving canister and wire guide rotating flexible, otherwise it will cause vibration of guide wire system.
  • Limit stop on the back of wire-moving canister should be adjusted, it prevents wire-moving canister from rushing out limit travel.
  • The machine should be shut down not long after commutation, or driving medium will be destroyed by inertial over travel of wire-moving canister.
  • If groove appears because of abrasion of guide wire and power feed contact and wire guide bearing, molybdenum wire will shake and break.
  • It should keep good contact between molybdenum wire and power feed contact, between workpiece and working table, or cathode of high frequency electric power can’t get through molybdenum wire or it will cause bad conect.


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