Secret of global edm consumables supplies

Secret of global edm consumables supplies

Hello, everybody. Today I’m gonna tell you some secrets of global edm consumables supplies. In the wake of development of performance of EDM machines, not a few manufacturers have noticed that, influence to EDM marketing of quick-wear consumable parts has extremely increased. Just like a car, good spare parts make a good car. So does EDM machines.

Wire Electrode
Wire electrode may be the most obvious element that affects the precision of EDM processing. A lot of manufacturers would like to choose cheaper wire electrode just for saving money. Although it can satisfy minimum standards, but fact is not like that. Coating wire electrode can do best job under high speed cutting or high precision machining. Thus while the taper angle is more than 15, soft brass wire or coating wire which owns higher rate elongation could be the best choice. Suggestions like this we can get from CNC or professional system. For those manufacturers who keep seeking a way to save costs at the extreme, they may prefer buddy wire. Because after rough machining of buddy coating wire, finish machining can be completed with brass wire that is much less inexpensive. Actually EDM buddy wire has gotten productivity 15% better while not increasing cost of wire electrode for global edm consumables supplies.

Wire Guide Organization
Wire Guide Organization is the most important part during high presicion EDM cutting. The outside of wire guide is not made of stainless steel, but ceramic. Inside of wire guide is PCD, this kind of material is very hard and not easily to wear.

Secret of global edm consumables supplies

Nozzle is a part that impacts the cutting speed. Usually you can’t tell any differences with naked eyes between original nozzles and the ones bought on the market. But the main section is inner structure that you could not have seen.

Wire Cut Machine Filters
When you pick up right wire cut machine filters, you should take many factors into consideration, such as dimension, pressure, design. In most situations, the filter fineness is 5μm. Some manufacuters have added another surface inside of the original wire cut machine filters, so that service life has improved to two and a half times. From another point of view, it makes big difference in taking time to change filters and saving cost.

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