Sodick Multiplicity Cutting in Mould Manufacturing

Sodick Multiplicity Cutting in Mould Manufacturing

Sodick Multiplicity Cutting, consists of rough machining, semifinishing, finish machining and other ways of processing, has improved the manufacturing effect, and is totally different from traditional high speed wire cut.

Sodick Multiplicity Cutting is a basic means to improve the accuracy and surface finish. It is a technology integration of design and manufacture, CNC, intelligentize, pulsed power supply, precision transmission and control. Usually moulding can be completed by one cut, increasing presicion by twice, and increasing surface finish by thrice or more cuts. Previously to reach high quality surface, should be cut seven to nine times, now only by thrice or four times.

Sodick Multiplicity Cutting firstly uses strong current and compensation dosage to rough machine, then to complete finish machining by low current and compensation dosage. After multiple cuts, it generally can get a Ra0.8μm roughness. In modern times, Multiplicity Cutting is universally applied in low speed wire cut machining, Sodick MARK21 is a typical example. And of course, Multiplicity Cutting is also improving and developing in high speed wire cut machining.

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