molybdenum wire

0.18mm Molybdenum Wire suppliers in China

  TAGUTI Molybdenum Wire TAGUTI Molybdenum Wire is Chinese time-honored brand. Molybdenum Cutting Wire is used specially in high speed wire cut edm machine, which is invented and applied mostly in China. Almost all high speed wire cut edm machines abroad are imported from China. And only in China and Russia you can find molybdenum ore. But you can only find in China molybdenum wires especially used for wire edm
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Molybdenum Wire Breaking Analysis in Wire Cut Machines

Molybdenum Wire Breaking Introduction In the practice of wire cutting, used metal wires often take place breaking. When operators process the workpieces, molybdenum wire breaking happens. Then in many cases, they can’t find the cause why wires always break in wire cut machines. So the the processing is delayed and wire cutting precision is greatly reduced in some ways. In this paper, take the molybdenum wire as an ex
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