TAGUTI will attend ” The 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2015)”(2)

TAGUTI will attend ” The 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2015)”(2)

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to “ A Talk A Week” from TAGUTI Co., Ltd in China. Please give some applause to your favorite host, Amy. (Papapa~) Hope we can help you in the EDM industry. This time we recommend Mitsubishi EDM machine filters and Mitsubishi wire EDM machine parts to you. Your satisfaction is our honor. Welcome!

This April and May, we will attend two exhibitions. One is in Beijing and the other is in Shanghai. We will leave Suzhou for Beijing on 18th, this Saturday. And many things have to be done within these days. But don’t worry, we still do our best for you if you will not attend the show. You will see Mitsubishi EDM machine filters and Mitsubishi wire EDM machine parts The 14th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2015) and ” China International Exhibition on Manufacturing Technology, Equipment and Die & Mould” & ” Forming Technology, Precision Manufacturing, Complete Equipment” in Shanghai.

By the way, many people in the EDM industry know Belmont wire EDM supplies. Yeah, in the USA, it is known. How surprise if we can meet Belmont wire EDM supplies in the show. I said, just my wish. I am wondering what EDM manufacturers will meet during the show. So many people, so many distributors, dealers, agency, wholesale, end user and so on. Hope we will make many order via the show, and make our brand TAGUTI known by more people in the EDM industry. So these days, I have been thinking how to make you believe our company? Believe our products? How to make more and more people to know and use our products in future. How many clients do I want? A proverb says that Han xin point soldier, the more the better. Somebody may say that why they choose your filters, the price of your filters are not so low. But dear friends, we can make more profits for our partners, I think it is not just the price, the suitable products is in a suitable place can make the best efforts. As we all know that Apple phones, the price is so high, but we all know that its demand exceeds supply, even you want to buy from the USA. You can’t get a BMW just the money for BYD. Just the same meaning. I think it is not the trend just for the lower price. How do you think?

OK, it is time to say goodbye. I am Amy from “ A Talk A Week” from TAGUTI. See you in Beijing. Have a nice week! Bye~

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