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Mann Hummel is a filteration manufacturing enterprise with more than 1,7 billions euros’ annual marketing turnover. It is famous for Mann Hummel edm filters, mann oil filter etc, which has more than 60 years’ industrial history. And Mann Hummel is one of the largest filter manufacturers.


Mann Hummel is founded in 1941 in Ludwigsburg, southern part of Germany. At present, there are 41 affiliated enterprises in the world. Mann Hummel develops, produces and sells high tech auto parts for auto industry, such as air intake system, intake manifold system, liquid filter system and air conditional system. Therefore Mann Hummel also provides after sales service and repairment of filter elements for autos. In the field of industrial engineering, products cover Mann Hummel edm filters, mann oil filter, processing system of raw materials and equipments. Customers of Mann Hummel are from all walks of life. Mann Hummel takes the leading position in auto industry and engineering mechanical industry with massive productions. And it is the largest supplier of filter system in global air compressor industry.


Mann Hummel has its own auto technical department and industrial technical department. Auto technical department includs of business division of air filter system, business division of air intake system, business division of Mann Hummel edm filters and mann oil filter, business division of filters.


In 2007, Mann Hummel has made further improvemetn on the global market. In Eastern European Market, one company and one factory have been built in Russia. And Czechic factory has been expanded. In Asian Market, intake manifold and air filters are manufactured in Korea. Shanghai Mann Hummel has got 100% controlling interest. OEM spare parts would have been processed in India.


The same year, Mann Hummel has expanded business of mann oil filter in NAFTA and South America. And the second brand – Purolator has been popularized to the aftermarket except NAFTA. With Helsa-automotive has been acquired, air filters’ market position has also been greatly improved. Mann has provided several solutions of high integration and lighter weight to meet the requirments of reducing the release of carbon dioxide. In the meantime, Mann has supplied compatible filter products for biofuel.


As a representative of high quality filters, Mann equips powerful scientific research ability. It innovates continuously and keeps top of filter development.


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