0.18mm molybdenum wire TAGUTI brings you quality guarantee of molybdenum wire

0.18mm molybdenum wire TAGUTI brings you quality guarantee of molybdenum wire

Hi, here is TAGUTI news. As many customers ask about 0.18mm molybdenum wire. TAGUTI has prepared technical parameters especially for you. You can see detailed data as below:


Test Items

China National Standard

Test Result



No Split



No Crack



No Rag



Mo content








Tensile Strength











Draping Method

Error in Length




According to data of table, TAGUTI molybdenum wire has extremely high molybdenum content. With help of TAGUTI research and development group and TAGUTI production department, TAGUTI molybdenum wire has won a good reputation and has a lot of partners in other countries.

molybdenum wire TAGUTI

molybdenum wire TAGUTI

TAGUTI molybdenum wire has three mechanical features.

1)        Tensile strength is capacity of resisting fracture when material bears radial load. It is scaled as a bearable weight of unit cross-sectional area, it comes in metric (PSI) or inch(N/mm²). Copper is lowest tensile strength material(245N/mm²), Molybdenum has the highest tensile strength up to 1930N/mm². Tensile strength of electrode wire depends on materials’ choose and different kinds of heat treatments and stretching processes. Electrode wire sometimes is devided into soft wire and hard wire, each of them has its own advantages towards different equipments and applications.

2)        Memory effect is directly related to electrode wires’ soft or hardness. Soft wire can’t return back to straight while it is pulled out of a thread spool. So that it can not be used for automatic wire feed, but it makes no difference on cutting process. Because there is tension on electrode wire. Usually soft wire is applied for high deviated cutting exceeds seven degrees, and on a machine that upper and lower wire guide nipple can’t lean. Hard wire is best choice for automatic wire feeding machine. Because of high tensile strength, electrode wire won’t move easily under cutting current and flushing power.

3)        Ductility is a percentage of electrode wire’s length change caused by tension and quantity of heat. Ductility of soft wire can reach up to 20%, but hard wire is less than 2%. While sloping process, electrode wire which has high ductility can ensure geometric accuracy of bevel. And soft wire has small vibration when passing wire guide nipple. However after soft wire enters into cutting zone, it shakes more heavily than hard wire. It should be compromised.


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