Based on domestic and shorten the gap

Based on domestic and shorten the gap

EDM Filter Supplier Over the past decade, we have made great achievements on EDM, at the same time, we should clearly see the gap with advanced countries. We must seriously sum up. Domestic experience, or the experience of developed countries, we all should learn.

1. Based on domestic need

China is a big country, although we have already owned more than 20,000 sets EDM machine tool, but that is far from the demand of production development. China’s actual situation shows that with the development of production, the demand of WEDM increases, demanded quantity also grows bigger. Many factories import upscale wire EDM machine tool from Japan, Switzerland because of the machining precision, automation degree and technological level of our own is left behind developed countries. In the past few years, we all want to improve the level of China’s machine tool, so that we could suppress the large number of machine tool imports and save the foreign exchange of our country. Therefore, developing high-precision performance WEDM turns into the need of domestic product development , but also is our basis to catch up with the world’s advanced level.

2. Shorten the gap

Our wire EDM technology started early, we even gained certain advancement in some aspects in the 70s. But we must clearly see that the gap between us and developed countries turns bigger and bigger in just 10 years. Compared to the advanced level, in precision, functionality, automation degree, reliability, processing stability, appearance and processing indicators aspects, we are at a low grade. EDM Filter Supplier
And our mechanical precision, on the one hand, is lower than the international advanced level, on the other hand, the accuracy what we achieved by effort can not keep. The automation degree of China’s EDM machine is far behind the international advanced level, that is mainly because of the low level of our microcomputer system. At present, China’s computer control system has not yet reached the level of Japan FANUC 6M system which is developed a decade ago, and now FANUC has already pushed out their newest 15M system. For this reason, the backward of our machine tools precision, automation degree will undoubtedly lead to the backward of functionality, reliability, stability, and processing indicators. A decade ago, China’s wire EDM machine’s highest processing speed is still far ahead, at that time, processing speed abroad is around 35 to 70 mm² / min, ours has already reached about 140 mm ²/ min. After the year 1983, we are transcended, the processing speed abroad has reached 300 mm ²/ min, but ours is 218 mm ²/ min.

We should clearly see these gaps, should have a sense of urgency, and set these gaps as the target that we’d try our best to catch up. We must work harder and try to shorten the gap. We must proceed from reality, and work harder, improve the wire EDM equipment and technology level, develop a high level wire EDM machine tool, reform the old equipment with advanced technology and improve the quality of wire – cutting technical team. At the same time, we also need to aim at the world advanced level, shorten the gap and make our wire EDM technology into the world’s advanced list. EDM Filter Supplier

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