CNC wire cutting edm machine filters

TAGUTI is a professional manufacturer and exporter of CNC wire cutting edm machine filters. There are a lot of different appearances of edm machines filters. But all kinds of edm machines filters are aimed at one goal: to increase cutting precision to a higher level.


Compatible machine tools includes Agie Charmilles, Mitsubishi, Sodick, Chmer, Fanuc, Makino, Seibu, Suzhou Sanguang etc.


While wire cut processing, the liquid medium should be purified water. Hence high precision has been reflected. The role of CNC wire cutting edm machines filters is to filter water, and then receive pure water. TAGUTI has our own factory and professional production team. Every working procedure is checked by related departments. Therefore edm machines filters made by TAGUTI always satisfy our customers.


The outline of edm machines filters is usually cylinder-shaped. The only difference is size and the methods of paper folding. The more complicated, scientific and reasonable the paper folding, the longer the service life. The selection of filters should be based on specific machine tool model. Almost every filter is in stock. And TAGUTI also provide OEM processing, that makes CNC wire cutting edm machines filters become humanize marketing.


As everyone knows, Mann Hummel EDM Filter is industry benchmark. To get closer to Mann and keep edm machines filters on continuously improving, TAGUTI especially imports Japanese glue and Germany H&V filter paper, which is from the same manufacturer as Mann. The key of edm machines filters is quality of paper. So that this is the supreme guarantee. In 2015, TAGUTI has designed and put forward brand new filter net. This filter net is stronger and easier for transporting.


CNC wire cutting edm machines filters occupies a decisive position in working process. The EDM technology changes with each passing day. So is EDM filter. TAGUTI equips technical development and research team and expert system. To keep in step with the times, we always do our best to pay attention in quality, service and after-sales service. In nowadays, we are exploring global market. There are many customers in EDM field, which interested in our filters and have built a cooperative relationship with TAGUTI. With enterprise’s own advantages and TAGUTI spirits: Highest Precison Into the World, becoming the lead enterprise can be expected soon.


If you are interested in TAGUTI new trend, don’t hesitate to visit www.filter-supplier.com. Your one and only source into the TAGUTI EDM WORLD. So see you next time!






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