Molybdenum wire in wire electrical discharge machining

molybdenum wire in wire electrical discharge machining

Hi, guess who I am. I am from Suzhou TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd, named Amy Ann. I am a sales work for TAGUTI, which is a factory of wire cut EDM consumables and parts from 1997, who can supply you good quality products but very competitive price. Choose TAGUTI means choose money… You have heard it many times. You are familiar with our factory. OK, today we don’t talk about the information of our factory, if you want to know our factory and products, you can visit our website, visit our factory by yourselves or email us to get more information. But somebody ask what today’s topic is? The answer is going on with the topic of molybdenum wire. Let’s discuss further about the wire, what means “further”? We will talk about it in professional and serious way. Are you ready?

We have talked much about the wire from last year to this year, most of the articles are written by a simple way. Hope that information can help you in some degree. As we all know that with many important characters, Molybdenum and tungsten are both refractory metals and also are both rare metals. China is a big country in the production and application of molybdenum and tungsten. Along with the development of mold processing, electric discharging machining technique is used widely, it is proud to tell high-speed wire cut EDM machines are invented to satisfy our needs. Its biggest advantage is the wire can be used repeatedly for many times that reduces the production cost. Slow-speed wire cut EDM machining, the brass wire or zinc coated wire can only be used for once. So you can see the Mo is more expensive than brass wire or zinc coated wire, but the average cost is lower than them. So the high speed EDM machine is accepted not only by us, but also by other countries. The tool electrode is more important than ever.

The main wires are used in wire electrical discharge machining are molybdenum wire and molybdenum tungsten alloys, but the price of tungsten is higher, so you can see moly wire is welcomed. Because of its advantages, like cheap, good toughness, high strength, the wire is often chosen as the ideal tool electrode. The wire can cut many kinds of steels and hard metals to make complicated parts. With stable electrical discharge machining, it can improve the precision of mold effectively, but we have to point that in the precision, brass wire make a better job, but to some mold, it is not strict with precision, so high speed EDM machines can finish. In recent years, the use of molybdenum wire has been increasing fast, it plays more and more important role in molybdenum metal processing industry.

When you are in the market for molybdenum wire, if you have many years’ experience, you can distinguish what is good or bad, but if you are a new one, you must be careful to choose it. In present market in China, many kinds brands like Guangming from Shandong, Diamond from Nanjing, Honglu from Xiamen, Hongguang from Sichuang and TAGUTI molybdenum wire from Jiangsu and other small factories around China. Most of them are pure Mo metals, good and bad effects in the use. Even cutting with the wire manufacturing by parts of factories, the workers need to tighten wire frequently or short service life…So how to choose it? It is a trouble to do. But you can use TAGUTI brand. More about TAGUTI wire, you can email me, and then I will reply to you more detailed information or you can visit our factory to see the processes. You will know TAGUTI wire is a real wire. Then tell you good news that our wire is on sale!!! Choose TAGUTI molybdenum wire, start to make more money.

When people study Mo, an interesting phenomenon that the wire is recrystallizated when the temperature is more than 1000℃. The special character makes some limitation in the temperature ranges. I can’t image that everything is OK when the Mo is like other metals, but along with the temperature is getting higher and higher, and when it is 1000℃, it becomes another state. This change is like when somebody is running in a big match, but suddenly he fall asleep. You can know how bad effect he gives. The Mo is also like that, when working very well, but then all is in recrystallization again. How bad. So many researches about changing this character are done. Hope they can get a cost-effective way.

Let’s see the processed of make the wire from begin to the end. At the start, somebody may be curious how to make it. Let me tell you the traditional method, the general processes are: firstly, you have to get Mo by chemical approach; secondly, add binder in it; thirdly, press it into rodlike shape; then burn; last rotary swaging and draw. Pease be attention that though the highest melting point of Mo is 2620℃, but when the temperature is up to1000℃, it will be recrystallizated. Then go on to about 1200℃, equiaxed function is almost over, at the time crystalloid is fine granular, it is very easy to slip between them. Thus Mo is out of shape easily in high temperature. When the moly wire works, loose will happen again and again, then the result is that cutting accuracy is reduced. When cooling down to the room temperature, Embrittlement phenomenon will happen. Another trouble of broken wire you can see now.

From above discussion, we can see that pure Mo wire shows some shortcomings that limited the use range and effort. So it is urgent thing for material to increase its recrystallization, to improve tensile strength, to reduce broken wire times, to expand the service life. There are two methods to solve the problems, alloy method and doping method. Let’s see the two methods one by one.

Alloy method is adding a small amount alloying Elements, the common elements are Zr, Hf, Ti. Studies show these elements can increase the temperature of recrystallization. But price of the wire is expensive. It is replaced by other products with good quality but reasonable price.

Doping method is doped with Al, Si, K and other elements to increase the temperature. The early method is used in 1970s, the wire-made by this method is called High Temperature Molybdenum. Its recrystallization is increased by about 400℃. You can use liquid-solid doping method and liquid-liquid method. This first method is use widely, but homogeneity is not satisfying. What is a better way to do? Researchers are now working on it. Oh, hold on, another way to add rare earth element into Mo, you can find that some are changed, no matter ductility, embrittlement or sagging resistance at high temperature are improved. Researchers make many studies on it, and also get some results. The main rare earth elements are: light rare earth like La, Ce, Pr and heavy rare earth like Sm, Eu, Gd. But the method of rare earth doped into molybdenum wire is a little higher temperature than others.

Together with the application expand of wire cut moly wire, it means a lot to increase recrystallization, then improve the working accuracy, effective and service life time. Because molybdenum wire plays more and more important role in the EDM industry, we all hope we can get a cost-effective wire to save cost and make more profit. I think TAGUTI can realize your dream. TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of molybdenum wire from 1997, you can choose EDM consumables and parts in our company, which can give you a reasonable price but very good quality. Somebody always doubt what I say, I know due to some reasons, you have not used our products. Because our old clients have no doubt about TAGUT, what they have are just repeated orders for us. We provide good quality products and good service. Would you like to try a small order to test the market?

Wire EDM Filter, Sinker EDM Filter, Molybdenum Wire, Brass Wire, , Electrode (brass tube), Wire Dies Guide, Water Nozzle, Power Feed Contact and so on. Please note that TAGUTI brand. Choose TAGUTI, choose to make more money. We can help you win the EDM market. You can find TAGUTI by linking our website, or search Suzhou TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd in Linkedin.com. Of course more information than I tell you, when you type our name in Google. Or if you have buying trip in China, please advice your time schedule. Welcome to visit our factory in Suzhou.

OK, any questions then? If you have, email us or call us. My email is sales@filter-supplier.com, my cell phone number is: +8615151519692. My name is Amy Ann, in charge of America, Oceania and India. Welcome to email me. I will reply to you as soon as possible, you can tell me your thought about the moly wire and the reasons why you still doubt our products. I think you will give up the doubt after talking with us. New day, new month, hope you have a nice mood in the Harvest Season. We also hope to avail ourselves of opportunity establishing business relation with you.

Time up, today we talk a lot about the wire, let’s get over this time and next time we will go on the topic. But what do you want to know about molybdenum wire? You can tell me. I will arrange the materials for that. Let’s meet next time. See you!

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