Based on domestic and shorten the gap

Based on domestic and shorten the gap EDM Filter Supplier Over the past decade, we have made great achievements on EDM, at the same time, we should clearly see the gap with advanced countries. We must seriously sum up. Domestic experience, or the experience of developed countries, we all should learn. 1. Based on domestic need China is a big country, although we have already owned more than 20,000 sets EDM machine to
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Requirements of machine tool, pulse power and control in high speed small hole EDM machining

Requirements of machine tool, pulse power and control in high speed small hole EDM machining EDM Filter Supplier 1. Machine Tool Requirements Requirements of high speed small hole EDM machine tool is as same as normal machining and EDM machine tool. They all need sufficient rigidity and precision to meet the requirements of parts to be machined. Accurate coordinate is also necessary for rapid processing of high preci
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Problems and development direction of China’s EDM

Problems and development direction of China’s EDM EDM Filter Supplier Compared to advanced EDM technology abroad, there’s great gap between us and mainly reflected in the following respects: 1. Poor precision Currently, precision of China’s electrical discharge machining is not good enough. Though there are individual products of some specific manufacturers can approach reach the international advanced level, but in
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What does TAGUTI provide? TAGUTI provides his partners top quality EDM Filter, Air Filter and Powder Filter Cartridge to match their specific requirements. The most important is that TAGUTI has been in the industry for more than 17 years. How is TAGUTI filter? TAGUTI filter adopt imported filtration paper and glue. Their strict material selection leads to TAGUTI filter’s higher precision and longer working time. How
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What TAGUTI offer you

Good Precision, Long Service Life TAGUTI filter adopt Japanese filtration paper and glue. Reasonable , Competitive Price TAGUTI’s established product lines save money every day for industrial filter users in metalworking fluid, EDM, and other liquid filter applications. Flexible and Controllable Lead Time TAGUTI’s own factory and reasonable production schedule arrangement. First Class Service Fast response to clients
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China’s EDM trends and EDM society’s tasks

China’s EDM trends and EDM society’s tasks It’s not right to be disappointed and self-abased because of no achievements in decades. Overestimate our achievements leads to blindly optimistic, that perhaps makes us guilty of big error. We should make an objective analysis of the gap, clearly make out the trends of China’s EDM and ensure our mission and development direction. From the previous statement, we have seen ou
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WEDM technology [Principle/Basic knowledge]

WEDM technology [Principle/Basic knowledge] WEDM is a kind of electrical process machine, it’s being used to cut metal through the electric corrosion way by molybdenum wire. Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machine, referred to as WEDM. Its basic working principle is to use continuous moving fine wire (called EDM wire) as electrode,to processing workpieces by pulse spark discharge erosion and cutting way. It is mainly u
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Electric spark forming progress and prospect

Electric spark forming progress and prospect EDM career in China has been more than 30 years of ups and downs, has thrived as an important force in China’s machinery industry. More achievements made after Electric Processing Society returns to work in the decade. China’s EDM machine tools have been developed to dozens of varieties, with the annual production capacity of about 500 units, effectively support the
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