Questions on the drawing Wire Cut EDM molybdenum wire

Hi! Long time no see! Hope you all very well. I am Amy Ann from TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd in Suzhou. The October is over with Halloween Day. October is a harvest time, in my hometown, people had a harvest season and seeded wheat for next harvest and hope. So what did you get from that: more clients? More orders? New month comes, November is now! Less than two months, the year of 2016 is coming. I have to say I will be one year older. So if your plans in 2015 are not finished, you have to complete them in time. I always have the feeling that time flies! My plans haven’t been finished yet. Time is money. OK, let’s be back to the topic. We have to continue the topic of molybdenum wire. We have to do something to stimulate you to act, to buy our wire, to come to our factory. It is not a joke. Hope you can understand that.

Today let’s have a look at the questions on the drawing wire cut EDM molybdenum wire. Mo metal is made into the wire that is widely used in metal cut field. You can find good and bad quality wire in the domestic market. So we have to emphasize that you have to know how to choose the wire. Then a question about how to choose wire cut molybdenum wire? In my opinion, firstly, you have to see the package, most of the good quality wire, the out package is good, and the inside vacuum package is OK. The color of the wire is deep. Secondly, you have to know the price, if the price is high, most of the wire is good quality, but if the price is lowest than the current markets, almost the wire is bad quality. If the price is lower than material cost. Then don’t put your hope on its quality. No profit, nothing. You must choose the reasonable price, if less than the material cost, it is false. Thirdly, you have to choose the known brands, which have stable quality, but in the market, there are many false brands, so be careful! You can choose TAGUTI brand, it can guarantee the quality for you. TAGUTI has more than 20 years in making molybdenum wire. Because I will give you more about the drawing process of TAGUTI Moly wire if you want to know.

You can see our workers come to the shop, and clean the floor for the first thing. What they do is to reduce the dust to make the wire. From Mo metal to the finished Moly wire, the processes are complicated, let’s take the diameter 0.18mm high temperature wire cut molybdenum wire for example, we have diameter 17mm, it will take about 40 processed drawing to Mo wire. So there are a lot of elements having effect on the quality, it is very hard to control every process easily. If the wire is with poor quality, then you have to find that. But in fact, it is very difficult to find the problems by rule and line. But the workers control the key points in drawing the wire to avoid the bad quality and broken wire. Based on the years of experience, three important processes are: Material character, Series rotary swaging process and anneal process in the middle. We have an experience on diameter 0.18mm wire. Here we have to say clearly, why do we choose the size of wire for example? It is very common size, it is used widely. In our factory, clients buy the diameter a lot. We will also have other experience in the following.

Most of the wire factories use the diameter 17mm Mo bars as Mo material. In recently years, some big companies use Mo pole rolling with the development of tech. Under the condition of the same drawing processes, we choose three Mo wire made by different companies. Overall the last result, Mo pole rolling is drawn smoothly and the lowest labor intensity, consistency of wire is best and improving the work efficiency. So if you can, you can choose it as the material, but at the same time, because of the different production level, you must be very careful to choose the supplier of the material. Only good material can be made into good products. I think everybody has the same sense.

Series rotary swaging process is one of the start processes. During the step, temperature and material feed speed are two main tech elements. Many production practice shows that it is better when feed speed is controlled from 2.5 to 4.0m/min, the temperature in the heating furnace has an important effect on the subsequent processes. We have an experience to prove it. Due to conditionality, we just show you the result, we can see that 1200℃ is the best one in this series rotary swaging process, and more smooth and higher rate of finished products will benefit the following processes, higher tensile strength. You also can see that when up to 1300℃, the result is also saticfactory. Of course, you can adjust the temperature and compare with the results, but you have to know that the temperature of recrystallization is between 1500 and 1600℃. We have to emphasize the point again. It is a special character of Mo metal. Is it interesting? Yeah! “ Big world, many wonders”.

The third important element is burning hydrogen annealing tech. The step is very fatal. After many complicated process, then to the step. If not controlled well, it is not good in the end. So be careful in it. With hydrogen annealing tech, avoiding hardening phenomenon in machining material, reducing internal stress and increasing processing of plastic. The tech plays a crucial role in the following. It is on the basis of packing material quantity, annealing temperature and holding time. People find a rule when they make the wire: To the same size annealing furnace, more quantity, and longer of holding time, if the quantity is the same, the time is the same. Most of our domestic factories, whose annealing time is about 20-60 min. They control the temperature arrange based on the actual production. We can see from an experience. If we make diameter 0.18mm from diameter 0.82mm, you can find that different temperature, different results. 1020℃ is better for that. So you have to control the process on different situations. We can’t say a certain data, different material, different tools and even others can make a different requirement to make the wire, so just need your workers to control according to the actual.

If you want to make high quality wire cut moly wire, firstly you should choose the high good quality Mo metal. Good material is made into good products. Because of many material suppliers, there are many kinds of wire. But from practice, we can see the Mo pole rolling is better material. Its advantages are: More smooth in drawing, lower labor strength, better product consistency and higher work efficient. But you must have the experience to choose the material, if not, even your next steps are so perfect, but because the core—the Mo material is not good enough to make good quality products, then fall short of success for lack of a final effort. Then the temperature is important, too. Control the temperature can have a direct role in the next steps. A key point is about the annealing, not too long not too short, you should control it within the production need. Here I say it is so simple, but the theory is just a theory, but in fact, it is so hard to keep the temperature. And also control the quantity of the material based on your practice.

Now we just talked about three big aspects of drawing the molybdenum wire, but in each one, there are still some smaller points in them. And the whole manufacturing process is so complicated, you must be based on your own experience, other’s is just for reference. They may get good results in this way, but you may get bad results in the same method. No same leaf, so no same successful route, too.

OK, the above is just about the general procedure. If you want to know our making the wire in detailed from our factory, I think you have to come here and have a look. You will believe that TAGUTI Molybdenum wire is good quality but with very reasonable price. Our price is not high or not low when you buy it. But your profit is based on the sale price and the cost, you can get more profit from our product. We have Wire EDM Filter, Sinker EDM Filter, Molybdenum Wire, Electrode, Wire Dies Guide, Water Nozzle, Power Feed Contact, Brass Wire,resin, etc. They can be used for the EDM machine of MITSUBISHI, SODICK, FANUC, SEIBU, MAKINO, AIGE CHARMILLES, HITATCH, BROTHER, ONA, SPM, CHMER, ACCUTEX, MAXI, ARD, SSG, JOEMARS, etc. My dear friends, I have to say today’s topic over, I am your old friend, Amy Ann from TAGUTI EDM Co., Ltd in China. More information, you can visit our website: www.filter-supplier.com or come to our factory. TAGUTI is your friend and partner in the EDM industry. It can help you win in the EDM market. Believe us, our clients have made more money than before; don’t believe us, well, you can look at our clients making more money than you. Anyway, it is like this! No other results. So goodbye to you now! Let’s meet next month, wow, hope to see you soon! Guess what will be discussed next! Ok, see you!

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