Requirements of machine tool, pulse power and control in high speed small hole EDM machining

Requirements of machine tool, pulse power and control in high speed small hole EDM machining

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1. Machine Tool Requirements

Requirements of high speed small hole EDM machine tool is as same as normal machining and EDM machine tool. They all need sufficient rigidity and precision to meet the requirements of parts to be machined. Accurate coordinate is also necessary for rapid processing of high precision precision hole and positioning hole. High speed small hole EDM machine tool could be used in the high precision deep hole processing. Poor precision and bad rigidity machine tool is impossible to work out high precision parts. High precision parts also need the machine tool to be flexible operating and easy using, at the same time, antirust and splash measures is necessary.

2. Pulse Power Requirements

Pulse power is indispensable important factor to achieve high-speed small hole EDM machining, and it’s also the driving force behind the hole machining. Pulse power’s energy and performance have a direct impact on processing efficiency, processing stability, and the precision of machined parts. High-speed small hole EDM machine tool’s pulse power energy demand is much bigger than the normal ones, and it maybe several times or even hundreds times of the general small hole EDM pulse power energy. In order to adapt to a variety of materials, the high-speed small hole EDM pulse power parameters such as pulse voltage, pulse width and stop etc requirements is much  wider compared to the general ones. EDM Filter Supplier

3. Control Requirements

High-speed small hole EDM process is mature, strong regularity, high processing efficiency and good stability, that’s entirely suitable for digital control. And digital control not only can reduce workers’ busy labor, but also can improve machined parts’ size consistency, homogeneity and precision. High-speed small hole EDM has high efficiency, strong processing energy , the length of processing time has obvious influence to small hole size changes. For exsample, processing the same hole. Long processing time and bigger feed size ones, their machining size is different from the short processing time and small feeding size ones. Manual control, it is difficult to meet the processing time consistency and depth consistent feed. It would be difficult to guarantee the consistency of the processing hole size, especially for those porous parts. It’s obvious that using manual control can not meet the requirements of the processing. So it is very appropriate, necessary, and also possible to adopt digital process control in order to solve this problem in high speed EDM small hole maching. EDM Filter Supplier

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