Suzhou Wire EDM Machine Filters Manufacturer Tell you about…

Suzhou Wire EDM Machine Filters Manufacturer Tell you about…

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to “ A Talk A Week” from TAGUTI Co., Ltd in China. Please give some applause to your favorite host, Amy. (Papapa~) Hope we can help you in the EDM industry. Your satisfaction is our honor. Welcome!

Today I am on behalf of our company TAGUTI—Suzhou wire EDM machine filters manufacturer offer global EDM consumables suppliers. I will say something about our Chinese traditional festival “Tomb-sweeping Day”.

Tomb-sweeping Day, is one of the important festival in China. It was a story about a man named Jiezitui of the spring and autumn Annals. The situation is that a prince called Chonger of Jin Dynasty had to live in exile abroad to avoid being persecuted. But in the way, an uninhabited place, he felt tired and hungry, but nothing to eat around. The officials in feudal times were very worried. Without sight, Jiezitui cut a piece of meat from his leg and make a meat soup for Chonger to recover himself. At last Chonger cried after knowing the truth.

19 years later, Chonger turned into a monarch, It is known DukeWen of Jin in history. He recompensed heavily the people who accompany during the exile except Jiezitui. When the monarch remember Jizitui. But Jiezitui just left quietly with his old mother to Mianshan Mountain whose characteristics are high mountains and precipitous paths and many trees. How hard to find two people. One man came up with an idea to fire the montail via three sides, and let Jiezitui came out by himself. But after the fire, nobody went out, but find Jiezitui and his mother were burned to death under a willow, and a letter hidden a hole of the tree. The letter showed that it is nature to cut a meat for his monarch. Chonger cried. And put that day for “Hanshi Festival”. The next year, DukeWen of Jin went up the mountain, and found the willow are back from dead. So he gave the tree a name “Qingming Willow” and he also made the day after Hanshi Festival as Tomb-sweeping Day.

Today end here, we will tell you about Tomb-Sweeping Day next week.

If you want to buy EDM consumables and parts, please find TAGUTI— Suzhou wire EDM machine filters manufacturer. We can meet your needs from EDM filters to other parts. We offer global EDM consumables supplies, so don’t worry if you are too far away from our company, it is not a question for us.

OK, Bye friends, don’t forget your friend Amy and “ A Talk A Week”. See you next week and have a nice week!

Suzhou Wire EDM Machine Filters Manufacturer Tell you about…

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